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You like Gem miner for Android? You like ASCII graphic? Then this game is for you. In this game you can dig up various ores, improve pickaxe, climb on the mines, make mazes for friends and much more. Earn as much money and buy the best pickaxe.

Install instructions

Download and play!


  • ASWD - Control main character.
  • R - Sell ores (except cobblestone)(Coal - 10$,Iron - 20$,gold - 50$,diamond - 100$).
  • M - buy 5 ladders for 5$.
  • X - Place 1 ladder
  • K - buy pickaxe with new level.
  • V - save game.
  • L - load game.

On Windows XP you can press Alt+Enter and game will full screen.

Size of console - 80x50 characters.

Not for DOSBox!!!

Costs of pickaxes: (Level - Cost)

  1. 50$
  2. 75$
  3. 200$
  4. 300$
  5. 450$
  6. 600$
  7. 750$

If you want to buy pickaxe 5 level, and you have 3 level, than you should first buy 4 level and next 5 level.

If you want what I would have added to the game your ideas, please write to my e-mail (radioegor146@yandex.ru), if you want linux version, also write to my e-mail.


ASCII_Gem_miner.exe 52 kB

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